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31 oktober 2010
Baltic Sea Region Conference with focus on Gender ICT!

An overall objective of Swedish gender equality politics is that women and men should have the same power to shape the society and their own lives. The goal for the ICT politics is for Sweden to be a sustainable information society for everybody. However, there is an uneven distribution of sex in the ICT and telecom sector at universities and colleges.The same situation exists among professionals in the industry.

The government has instructed the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth in  cooperation with WINNET Sweden to conduct a Baltic Sea Region conference where equal ICT is the theme for dialogue and conducting of an action-plan on how to cooperate in the BSR  to increase womens participation in the ICT and technology field. WINNET Sweden  invites Swedish, Nordic and other European actors around the Baltic Sea to establish a platform for a equal development in ICT and technology field.

The goal is to get more women active in the area and an increasing number of women among entrepreneurs and innovators. The project has an Quadruple perspective to protect the interests of the public sector, ICT companies, knowledge-intensive non-profit networks and organizations where Winnet Sweden and Europe is included. ”Gender ICT!” will lead to a national action plan for how sustainable equal IT will be an engine for an increased regional Eonomic Growth in Sweden, around the Baltic Sea and the rest of Europe. 

After the Baltic Sea Conference Winnet Sweden will together with the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth develop a cooperation with actors around the Baltic Sea to produce a project in EU Baltic Sea strategy. 

 “Gender ICT!” Baltic Sea Conference November 18, 2010 09.00–16.45 Stockholm,

Too see Conference Program “Gender ICT!”: 

Invitation and program_Baltic_Sea_Conference_gender_ICT_18_November_2010_final.pdf (586.15 kB)

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4 Carin Nises[1]

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2 Sofia Händel[1]

1 Erik Kiesow[1]

Uppdaterat av Lina Andersson, 2010-12-06
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