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Handbook for WRC
A Flagship initiative project in BSR
European Rural Parliament, Gender Equality in Rural Development for Economic Growthndard

Flagship Initiative project;
BSR Partnership Platform Gender in Innovation for Economic Growth, Winnet Centre of Excellence!

Winnet Sweden is working with a Flagship project initiative on the topic;  "Baltic Sea Regional Partnership Platform for Gender in Innovation for Economic Growth, Winnet Centre of Excellence"

The Flagship project initiative project will focus on the following areas:

1. Policy oriented research in Gender - Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Education and ICT generic within the framework of Winnet Centre of Excellence.

2. Collaboration for development of projects focused on Gender – Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Education and ICT generic within the framework different programs such as ERDF, ESF and Horizon 2020 to fulfil the EUBSR 2020 Strategy and Action plan.

3. Expanding the Innovative system of Women Resource Centres as actors in the BSR.

4. Capitalise on prior territorial cooperation projects, including Interreg IVC Capitalisation project Winnet 8 (2010-2011) aimed at Innovation & Policies for Smart, Inclusive and Sustainable Growth in EU 2020 strategy, 2014-2020

5. Gender in EUBSR 2020 – EU 2020 strategy and Action plan, 2014-2020

6. The Actions performed within the Flagship project will contribute to Europe 2020

For more information - see also the webpage www.balticsearegion.org/


Baltic Development Forum Summit  and EUSBSR

Winnet Sverige workshop, "Gender and Innovation" 4 june 2014.


Colin Wolf, DG Regio, Macro Regions, EU Commission

'PAVILIONIENĖ Marija Aušrinė'. MP, Lithuania,

Erik Kiesow, Prime Minister Office, Sweden

Inger Danilda, Chair Quadruple Helix, Sweden

Maria Grönroos, NIKK, National Secretariat of Gender, Gothenburg, Sweden

Ewa Debska, Foreign Ministry, Poland

Ewa Ruminska Zimny, Moderator

Foto: Joanna Wojtkowska

For more information:

2014_06_03 BSR Turku_D_Huebner_speech_BDF.pdf

Gender panel TURKU final.pdf

Winnet_PPT_BDF_Gender_Innovation and Sustainable Growth in the BSR_4_June_2014_final.pdf

Åbo_WCE BSR_presentation_seminarium_4_June_2014_ID.pdf

Part-Time_eng_EUSBR_4juni2014.pps (presentation Maria Grönroos, NIKK)

Foto: Joanna Wojtkowska

Foto: Joanna Wojtkowska



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